Healthy Tip of the Day:
June is National Mens Health Month

While you’re making plans to celebrate the fathers in your life during the month of June, be sure to give Polk County Health Center a call to help the dad stay healthy.    June 11-17 is National Men’s Health Week. Dur...     Read more >

Keep cool and hydrated in hot weather

Consuming the right beverages helps you stay hydrated, obtain nutrients and maintain or lose weight. Often it is hard to get in the daily requirements of calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Drinks such as soda, highly sweetened iced tea a...     Read more >

This summer have fun and play it safe

As we move into warmer weather, school is out and fun is in; use good safety habits and common sense to avoid accidents and discomfort during your summer fun routine. Whether you bike, hike, play ball, swim, skate or just play in the sun, play it ...     Read more >